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Gender bias why Noveltte Grant not selected Police Head, says activists


SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Novelette Grant, who was the acting commissioner of police, prior to George Quallo appointment as such, have declared her satisfaction with newly appointed commissioner, however, women’s rights activists, Dr. Glenda Simms is crying gender bias, as Ms. Grant was well deserving of the post, but was overlooked because she’s a woman.

“I don’t care what they say, I think gender played a part in it,” said Simms. “I saw her as a capable woman and one who is fit for the job.”

Dr. Simms is arguing that Jamaica is still stuck in the archaic patriarchy mentality of lessening the roles of women by placing them in limited positions, even when it’s evident there is a culture of irresponsible men, which is really gender bias.  “The values of patriarchy are alive and unwell,” Simms said.

“If she was appointed, it would mean alot for young girls in Jamaica, but I hope he (Quallo), will pay attention to crimes against women and children,” said Nadeen Spence, another women’s rights activist.

Ms. Spence is sharing the same empathy as Dr. Simms, however she’s on the grounds of seeking clarification and an overall explanation why Ms. Grant was sidelined.

Dr. Simms said she contacted Deputy Commissioner Grant and had expressed her disappointment in their gender bias, of not giving her the position, but Ms. Grant was in an ‘upbeat’ mood.

Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay said that she was hoping a female would rise to the top of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and Deputy Commissioner Grant was well deserving of such post. She further stated that one must acknowledge Quallo’s excellent track record.

“From a female standpoint, as I am a female in the organization, of course you would love for her to have broken the glass ceiling,” explained Lindsay.

Scores of comments came pouring on social media, as many support Dr. Simms claims of gender bias, others question Deputy Commissioner Grant’s ability to lead and make proposal to curtail crime, others are saying it’s just not her time.

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