Geddes Refrigeration Limited

Update: Fire at Geddes Refrigeration Limited

St Andrew, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Fire at Geddes Refrigeration Limited: Kevin Haughton, Superintendent in charge of the Kingston and St. Andrew Fire Department, stated that there will be a thorough investigation as their department is unable to determine the cause of this morning’s fire at Geddes Refrigeration Limited on Spanish Town Road in St. Andrew.

According to Mr Haughton, his department received the call about 11:15 a.m. this morning and initially responded with three units. When the teams arrived, the building was engulfed in flames and additional resources had to be called in.

“We had a total of 63 firefighters, and after three and a half hours of firefighting, we were able to bring the fire under control,” he said. Firefighters are still present at the scene conducting cooling down operations.

There were also reports of noxious fumes, however, the brigade said this was not unusual with gas cylinders stored at the facility.

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