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Gaza Fans Call For Ceasefire, Some Say They Are Behind Mavado To Defeat Drake


As Mavado’s fans line up behind him to help ‘beat and teach’ Canadian rapper Drake, scores of Gaza fans say they are taking a ceasefire from their longstanding feud, to join forces with Gully fans to support the Jamaican deejay as he takes on the Nice For What star.

Mavado and Drake have been at odds for some time, but last week the Canadian triggered the Gully Gad’s fury after he hurled lyrical barbs at him in a freestyle titled Only You.

The freestyle referenced burnt bridges and Mavado’s home community, which fans speculate are hints at singers’ failed venture to construct a learning center in Kingston, which was to have been named the Drake and Mavado Peace Center.

Drake reportedly claimed that Mavado had somehow misappropriated his $25,000 contribution to the project.  However, at the time of that donation, Mavado’s manager had told the media that the construction of the facility would “take more than what Drake gave, so Mavado would pledge more towards it”.

Mavado released his Enemy Line diss track in response to Drake on Wednesday, along with an accompanying Instagram post, both of which frontally called out the rapper for appropriating Dancehall culture. “Remember this. Dancehall a mi play ground,” Mavado wrote. “You are not from Dancehall. You have no Power in Dancehall n everybody know who introduce you to Dancehall, so don’t feel like you can come disrespect Gully take that out you brain n don’t dweet again.”

Enemy Line also suggested that Drake was “still carrying feelings” for a woman both men may have been involved with.

After the release of Mavado’s diss track, his social media pages lit up.

The comments were caustic, as Gaza, and even Vendetta fans, declared that they viewed Drake’s lyrics as an attack against the entire Jamaican nation.

“Me a Gaza fan but no outsider to me thing.  Drake, u ago dead guh sit dung caa run up inna yaddi u crazy.  If u diss Vado u diss Gaza too; wi a one,” Sasha declared on YouTube, while a defiant Sheldon stated: “Gaza me say but yardman nah take no diss. We no care who boots them man we shoot them.”

Other Gaza fans said they would fight to the death to protect Dancehall’s reputation.  Labeling Drake a ‘dancehall groupie’, they demanded that he not set foot back in Jamaica.

“A Gaza me say but if anybody dis any of my Jamaican artists a war.  Mavado work hard to reach weh him deh in life and I won’t stand and watch anybody dis him…Jamaica til death,” Gkakajay said.

Some of Mavado’s fans pulled Popcaan into the mix, claiming the Unruly artiste was guilty by association or had set up Drake as a ‘press button’.

“The moment Drake diss Movado, he stepped on dancehall territory… Drake, me a beg you, don’t take up something weh you cannot handle and expect Popcaan go defend cause him couldn’t even defend himself,” Davaun said.

“Somebody tell Drake this isn’t Meek Mill and hip hop. This ah DANCEHALL!!! Keep listening to Poppy….him Neva win a war yet!” Strawhat said.

Veteran selector Foota Hype, apparently hoping for a full-scale war against Drake, whom he has oftentimes said was a ‘culture vulture’, also demanded that Mavado tag the Canadian, and proceeded to tag the rapper himself.

“Don’t shorten the badness tag @champagnepapi,” Foota wrote, while kingsav chimed in: “GULLYGAD PUT BWOY INNA DEM PLACE! Cyaah try style dancehall afta u thief so much from it!”

No love was shown to Popcaan either, on Mavado’s IG page, as fans sought to crucify the St. Thomas native for ‘harboring’ Drake.

“Put Drake in his place. Can’t stand these rap artist who want to be Jamaican and dissing our Jamaican artists. Popcaan need to get a beating for this,” one woman said.

“Drake affi go beg Poppy translate da diss ya fi him. Rise against we yuh gone fall Drake…,” 1anonking added.

Gaza fans on IG also tagged Drake, saying he should rest assured that they would defend Dancehall’s honour.

“Respect this as a Gaza man.  Mavado, our camps have our beef, but at the end of the day Drake or anyone outside of the genre is an outsider, can’t mek an outsider dis the ting better we war amongst ourselves. A one dancehall my youth, have fi defend di ting,” one fan said.

“Listen, this is not a Gully VS Gaza war this Dancehall VS Rap and the Dancehall community will never make a rapper feel victorious over us…. but Movado no need Dancehall support fi kill Drake… only Kartel can keep up,” nailboretru said.

SonnySpoon was in full agreement, declaring: “Gaza, Detta, Gully right now wi fi postpone wi war and focus pon bwoy Drake cuz Vado a one of Kartel peers same way… Wi look out for each other when it’s needed and this is one of those times.”

One Vendetta fan said he would not tolerate the disrespect of any Jamaican artiste, even if he did not particularly like them, while others said they were not “frightened for foreigners”.

“Every Gaza fans stay so. If a overseas artist diss Vybz Kartel mi a side with Vybz Kartel even though a Vendetta me seh,” he said.

Other angry dancehall fans hurled expletives at Drake and tagged him.

“F__king Toronto boy @champagnepapi, we don’t even know what nationality who are the way you going around riding every country culture, vulture”, said one man, while another blared: “no care who you be bro no outsider cant style one a we period!!!!!!!!!!! Dancehall we say s__ck dem madda.”

“We nuh biznis; we diss any p__y.  Send d Pope if him think him bad,” another follower said.

Some persons sought to chastise Mavado, claiming Drake had no desire to be a dancehall star as he was a global, legend while the Gully Gad was only a Caribbean superstar.

Declaring Mavado a waste of time, one man argued that nine years have passed since he released his last album while Vybz Kartel, from behind bars, released four.

“All these people on here cheering you Mavado, they should encourage you to make good music not this shit…bring us back the Mavado weh use to sing from him heart fi ghetto yutes.”

Another opponent also said he would not be supporting Mavado as he was a sell-out who disrespected many of his Dancehall compatriots.

“From his debut to dance hall him always diss somebody ….weh end up kill him lyrically of gullygad remember he is an American citizen.  Sellout…mi done chat #fully –Gaza,” he said.

More reactions to the feud on Twitter.


Source: Dancehallmag

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