Gas and diesel prices down by $0.25

Gas and diesel prices down by $0.25

Motorists will continue to pay less at the pumps in the prices of gasoline and diesel, effective Thursday, November 25, 2021, according to the latest ex-refinery costs from Petrojam.

E-10 87 will be sold for $159.69 and E-10 90 gasoline for $165.14 per litre, down by $0.25 each.

Automotive diesel fuel will move down by $0.25 per litre to sell for $160.05 and  Kerosene will sell for $138.82 per litre following a decrease of  $0.25.

Meanwhile, Propane cooking gas will go down by $3.00 to sell for 74.24 per litre, and Butane liquid move down by $3.00 to sell for $83.34 per litre.

Marketing companies and retailers will add their respective mark-up to these prices.

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