Garnett Smith: Clarendon Police Say Still no Breakthrough into Murder of Truck Operator  

Jamaica Crime News, Clarendon: The police in the parish of Clarendon say they have still not made a breakthrough into the shooting death of a man in Hayes on Monday evening, May 14, 2018.

Investigators have given the name of the deceased as Garnett Smith, 33-year-old truck operator who hails from Corn Peace Settlement in Hayes, Clarendon.

Reports by the police are that shortly after 2:20 p.m. on Monday, Smith was riding a motorcycle along a section of the Hayes main road when he was approached by three men travelling in a White Toyota Corolla motor car.

As soon as the motor car pulled up alongside the victim, the men on the inside brandished handguns and opened fire hitting Smith all over his body.

The wounded man crashed on the pavement while the gunmen escaped in the waiting motor vehicle.

The police were later alerted and upon arrival the wounded man was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead.


By Henry Bucknor

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