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Gangs Flee St James to St Elizabeth Due to State of Emergency

Jamaica News, January 27, 2018

St Elizabeth, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Gangs Flee St James: It is an apparent practice that when the State of Emergency is in effect in one parish, gunmen will flee to another. Such is the case with the parish of St Elizabeth, as members of the security forces are currently conducting a major search operation in sections of the parish.

This is a result of reports received by the security forces that gunmen fleeing the State of Emergency in St. James has been sneaking into the area.

Residents of Springfield and Danny Valley have reported seeing strange men with weapons coming into their communities and members of the police force and militarily supported by a helicopter were combing the area Friday afternoon.

The Police High Command had placed neighboring parishes such as Westmoreland, Hanover, Trelawny and St. Elizabeth on high alert following the declaration of the State of Emergency in St. James.

Residents in these parishes have been urged to call the police if they see strange individuals in their communities.

Photo: Unrelated Mckoy’s file photo of a group of people gathered after an alledged gang leader was killed

News contributed by Nichola Panton

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