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UPDATE: Gang War Erupts after Salt Spring Couple Shot Dead

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St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)Gang violence erupted after Salt Spring Couple Shot Dead: Police have stepped up their presence in Salts springs, following the murder of a common-law couple by gunmen in Salt Spring, St. James.

The couple was found shot dead on Friday morning, May 19.

Since the killing of Delroy Gardner, 26-year-old, called Broadie and his live-in girlfriend Stephanie Sang, 24-year old, known as Chin; there have been news reports of a developing heated rival gang war in the Salt Springs community, causing residence and police to be on heightened security watch.

Reportedly, Gardner and Sang were walking along a shortcut in an area of Salt Spring known as Go-Peace, when they were pounced on by gunmen with high-powered weapons that shot them all over the body, killing them immediately.

An illegal firearm along with several rounds of ammunition found at the scene was seized.

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