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Gang Leader of the Nation Crocs Gang, King Evil Buried

King Evil's Murder, King Evil Buried

Jamaica News, January 26, 2018

St Elizabeth, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) King Evil Buried: Police and Military officers blanketed the funeral service of reputed St James gang leader Omar “King Evil ” Lewis in Spice Grove, St Elizabeth, yesterday January 25.

St James police report that Lewis was responsible for several of the most violent crimes and murders in western Jamaica.

King Evil Buried: although a funeral procession was prohibited by authorities, the funeral service went on without event, unlike the funeral of another alleged gang leader in Salt Spring, St James on Saturday, January 20, where a shooting broke out, injuring five persons and killing one.

‘King Evil,’ the late alleged boss of the Nation Crocs Gang, which operates out of Canterbury, St James was shot and killed in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, October 2017 by an alleged rival gang.

According to police, Lewis who was released from jail only a few weeks after being deported from the US was sitting in his car in front of a nail technician shop in Catherine Hall, waiting to get his nail done, when a group of armed men shot-up the motor vehicle.

He was killed on the spot.

Two weeks after his death gunmen exploded the said nail shop with bullets, killing the nail technician, and a customer and critically injuring another customer. Kasheem Lewis, the 20-year-old son of Lewis was recently charged with the murders and shooting, which was said to be a reprisal killing for his father’s murder.

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