Gage Claims Vybz Kartel Is Holding Back His Career

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Dancehall artiste Gage has taken to social media to lash out at what he says is a negative bias towards him in the industry because of Vybz Kartel.

In speaking out on an Instagram Live video, Gage says, “You nah guh bench me off a riddim and do certain things and me still deh ya ah big yuh up. No dawg.”

While he said he doesn’t mind being left out of a riddim, if his song has been found to be not worthy, he has a problem with producers telling him, “Teacha say.”

He describes it as a situation he doesn’t understand, considering that he has nothing but respect for the Worl’ Boss.  “Why, why every riddim me voice pon ah the same thing bredda”, he says.

Even though it’s not entirely clear what the beef is between the two, it would appear that Kartel simply does not want to be on any riddim with Gage. According to Gage, his songs have been rejected multiple times by producers who tell him that it’s simply because Vybz Kartel doesn’t want him on the riddim.

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Kartel’s dislike of the artiste may stem from a previous Instagram Live that Gage did in which he stated that he had no problem going to the police if someone threatened him and that he would do what is necessary to stay out of jail.

He said deejays, who ended up in jail because they didn’t want to corporate with police were idiots and that he would ensure he remains a free man.

This is surely a sentiment that Kartel would not be fond of, as according to YouTuber Amari Deraisx, Gage also repeatedly said that he was comfortable becoming an informant to the police if it meant saving himself from prison.

He has also apparently described men in jail as losers who had given up their women, another statement which would definitely rub Kartel the wrong way.

Earlier this year, Kartel called on other deejays to stop using the fact that he is incarcerated in a derogatory way during their feuds. Tensions flared with AlkalineJahmiel, and Mavado, whose son Dante is in prison, for this very reason.

“Some a unuh weh a talk bout [back fist] mek me tell u dis…unuh sau unuh a badman n a style prisoner?,” Kartel said at the time before warning in another post, “Try no get lock up not even fi a spliff cause it go wicked pon u..just ask ninja.”
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Meanwhile, veteran selector Foota Hype voiced his own opinion, three weeks ago, on why Gage’s dancehall career has apparently slowed down.  He said that while Gage is talented and caused an uproar with his 2010 hit song Throat, he couldn’t back it up, and this is why the song, as well as the artiste, soon faded out of popularity.

“The frenzy gone but guess wha nah go way, the memory fe say ah something nasty buss yuh. So you put out 50,000 song after that and dem nah look pun yuh,” Foota said.

Gage’s last big hit was the March 2019 track, Good P—y Gyal, which Hype believes could have made an even bigger impact, were it not for the association with Throat.


Source: Dancehallmag

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