G-City Gang Member Sentenced to 15-Years in Prison, for Murder

A St James man who is said to be a hard-core member of the infamous G-City Gang, which operates out of the parish of St James, was sentenced to serve 15 years in prison, when he appeared before the St James Circuit Court on Wednesday, March 24.

The accused, 24-year-old Troy Johnson, who hails from buck Toe Lane, in Salt Spring, St James, was convicted on March 10, after pleading guilty for the murder of Syble Malcolm.

His sentencing means that he will now have to serve a period of 14 years in prison, before he is considered eligible for any form of parole.

Reports are that on February 15, 2020, Johnson went to Malcolm’s home in Cornwall Courts, St James,  and shot her multiple times in the presence of her grandchildren.

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