Frozen Iguanas Falling From Trees in Florida

Frozen Iguanas Falling From Trees Social media users have been posting images and videos of the cool-blooded lizards lying helpless on the pavement in Florida, USA. The National Weather Service/NWS in Miami issued a ‘falling iguanas’ alert on Tuesday.

Frozen iguanas have been falling from trees in Florida after plunging temperatures caused them to stiffen-up and lose their grip on branches. The cold-blooded lizards slow down or become immobile when temperatures drop to 4C (40F),

NWS wrote on Twitter yesterday “This isn’t something we usually forecast, but don’t be surprised if you see iguanas falling from trees tonight as lows drop into the 30s and 40s, they may fall from trees but are not dead”.

These low temperatures are also being experienced in Jamaica with temperatures in parts of Mandeville and Ocho Rios in the 40s and Guys Hill, Highgate and Portland in the early 20s this morning.

Please stay dry and warm.

Contributed by HE Prof Colin O Jarrett
Director of News and Current Affairs

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