From a Joke to a Job – A Conversation with Comedian Dutty Berry

Jamaica Entertainment News: Born Russhaine Berry, he uploaded his first Youtube video in 2010. Now better known as “Dutty Berry,” he has an impressive career as a Vlogger, Social Media Personality/ Host, Stand-up Comedian, and Youtube star best known for his channel “The Dutty Berry Show,” where he produces comedy videos and parody.

Dutty got his big break from his witty and on point reviews of NBC’s “The Voice” competition specifically contestant Tessanne Chin. caught up with the star at the Majah Hype on the Montego Bay leg of the “Are you Dumb” tour held at Pier One.

1. Hey, Dutty Berry welcome to Mobay. We are here at the Majah Hype show right now, tell me how have things been going for you so far on the tour?

Well, I am hosting the tour and last night we were at Jamaica College and the show was great. Now we’re here in Montego Bay. So yes, I’m really enjoying myself.

2. Do you get to come to Montego Bay often?
Dutty Berry: I love Mobay but …no. HAHA. I just come for Sumfest and events like those … But tell me something….. how come every event in Mobay takes place a Pier One. WHY?  HAHAHA

3. From a joke to a Career – What specific things have changed in your life now that you have turned your hobby into a career?

Dutty Berry: I appreciate my personal time because once I step outside cause once I seen outside everyone sees me a Dutty Berry so now I appreciate the moments where I am chilling with family just home doing nothing at all I have that private time to seclude myself for the world. Also, my work ethic has improved I am excited to do my video and put out content I wasn’t excited about a lot of things that before –OHHH and also mi a get paid so Ya. That is something else. But overall I am just enjoying the process and stepping out my shell even more and meeting people who me look up to all my life so Ya all of that has changed.

4. With all the changes to YouTube is it still possible to make money from a YouTube Channel?

Dutty Berry: Yes, mon. definitely. It is possible to make money as long as you can meet the YouTube criteria. I think now you have to have over 40,000 channel view and 1000 subscribers and you will be granted for monetization all you have to do is set up and account with “Adsense” and you can collect your pay monthly or yearly. Yes, you can make money, in American, you have YouTubers on YouTube full-time collecting their $50,000 US a month and ting.

5. You have had success in the world of Vlogging, but would you recommend as a career choice to other Jamaicans?

Dutty Berry: Yes I would defiantly recommend a career in Vlogging for any person especially for young people cause we are on the internet very often and we have a lot of creatively, but it’s how do you channel that creatively are you going to just be a idlers pon the street corner, or are you going to be just at school in your group just doing you little dancing and not wanting to expand it or to make people aware of what your talent. I Recommend you go to YouTube and share your voice and use whatever skill set you have and showcase your talents cause you never know who is watching or what opportunities may arise and plus you can collect a little pay.

6. What about LOVE? Anyone special in your life – Who is making Dutty Berry feel like a sex symbol?

Dutty Berry: Nah, NO! there is nothing called love right now. I had my little up and down stages when I was younger. Well you know when you leave your mother house and you just gwan bad for a couple of little whiles, but there is no love and mi nuh really want no love in my life right now. At this moment, everyone and everybody is getting thrown at me right now causes yu dun know mi kinda hot right now. Ya. So Big up that! HAHA. Only thing I can say is that I want a child in the next 5-6 years so hopefully my organs a work and my boys can swim properly. So yea I want a nice mother for my child as well.

7. Give me the top 4 items on the Dutty Berry “Bucket List”.

  •  I want to go to every single Caribbean island
  • Go Sky Diving
  • Have a Daytime Talk Show with a Caribbean International audience
  • Anddddd… I would also love to get a “V-Cut.” I always feel like I have the potential if sexy, but mi never really realize it. So yea, that would be a goal of mine

8. wants to know something about you that no one else knows?

Dutty Berry: Mi used to suck mi finger and mi grind mi teeth.

9. Before we let you go, is there anything you want to say to your Mobay Fans?

Dutty Berry: All I have to say is follow me on social media @duttyberryshow and make sure you take care of yourself and make sure you keep safe and do what you can do to make sure the crime doesn’t get out of hand. Chuck up the deuces.


Till next time Dutty Berry, thanks for the exclusive with

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