Freak Storm Leaves Man in Distress

Several people in the inner-city community of Paradise Row, Montego Bay, St James were puzzled on Thursday, May 14, when a freak storm hit the community. And one man is feeling the hurt from it.

Melford Grant is a lucky man to have not suffered any injuries from the effects, although parts of his kitchen top and bathroom, were damaged and several trees around his yard were uprooted. As a result Mr. Grant is appealing to the public for any assistance he can get to help repair his house.

On a visit to his premises we saw the damage mainly to his outside kitchen. ‘I have to cook in this outside kitchen, It has no roof, so if rainfall all my things and food will get wet, so I am asking for some assistance from anyone who can give me, if it’s even  MP Heroy Clarke or Councillor  Richard Vernon,” said Grant who is a furniture maker by profession.


He said he used to build furniture but his tools were stolen and his eyesight has deteriorated “so it is difficult for me to earn a living.” Popular Montego Bay-based photographer Giffery Lewis who is a neighbour to Grant said he witnessed the storm, ‘I witnessed the storm. I was so shocked when I saw Mr. Grants’ roof from his kitchen started to lift, I was wondering If my house would be affected although it is concrete.”

Lewis said he would like for Mr. Grant to get all the assistance he can get from the wider public.

Alan Lewin


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