Freak accident, Ardo is dead

Freak accident, Ardo is dead

In what should have been a time of joyous moment for community fun and excitement, as the Lilliput Corner League Football Season got underway, which started sometime in July, in the midst, came disaster as two players with one aim went mid-air, heads up, to catch the ball, they collided when heads clashed, they tumbled to the ground, players and spectators alike watched in shock as to their surprise, only one man moved, they rushed forward to offer assistance.

Thirty-six-year-old mid-field player for the Red Stripe Team, Nicardo Morgan “aka Marco or Ardo” as he was called, a resident of Lilliput, lay motionless with his tongue hanging outside his mouth, eyes rolled back in his head, he was rushed to the Falmouth hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Reports reaching Mckoys News, are that the teams, Red Stripe and Hilltop United, were playing off on the quarter-final leg of the league, which  were in high gear when the incident occurred

Speaking with a family member,  his niece, Oniceya, expressed that her uncle who sometimes caught fish and shared among the family was “fun to be around” “a jovial person” “my best uncle”… I will miss him life will never be the same.

“Buju”,  A relative stated that; “I am at a loss for words”,  “he was a father figure for me” he too was present watching the match and saw what happened and rushed to get ice to aid his injured relative.

This reporter was unable to make contact with any sponsors or officials for the league.
Mckoys news offers condolences.

The police investigation continues.

Jackie Chan,  for Mckoys News, Mo-Bay

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