Franklyn Says he Trusts No One, “A Dog is a Man’s Best Friend”

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: Whenever you see Franklyn Montague on the streets of Montego Bay, do not seek his friendship. ”I Don’t Trust No one,” these were some of the words he uttered while having a meal on a rock at the Howard Cooke and Queens Drive intersection.

He emphasized that the dogs that he travels with around Montego Bay are his only friends. They are the ones he trusts, as they sometimes protect him from being abused. “These are my best friends, when am sleeping they watch my back, they are not corrupt and wicked as human beings,” said

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The father of two said he came to Montego Bay from Westmoreland at a tender age. During his younger days, he was a well-established painter in and around the city, however, he had fallen on hard times and no one care much about him. He sometimes collects leftover food from restaurants for himself and his dogs. “I get food sometimes from the open heart charity on Orange Lane, they are the only ones can give me food to eat,” he added.

When asked his age, he said he does not remember, but he knows he was born in 1948. He blamed most of the crisis that the country is going through on the politicians.

Franklin further stated: “They don’t care much for the street people, look how many waste land in Jamaica and how much food hotels dumping. They don’t look out for the poor and suffering. The politicians only look out for themselves and family. I am now eating pure food with no meat, because I can’t afford to buy meat, so I eat my food with little gravy, just to stay alive. Despite me being on the streets, a lot of people don’t live my age, am here for a purpose, God has blessed me a lot and I give him thanks for that.” 


By Alan Lewin

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