Letter to the Editor: France Racism

Letter to the Editor: France Racism



St. Ann

September 11, 2017


Dear Editor:

France wealth like many European countries was built on the back of colonies stretching from the Caribbean to Indochina to New Caledonia in the South Pacific. Yet, unlike other colonial power, this country has taken the least effort to amend for its evil colonial and racist past. Fast forward 2010 decades – the streets of its inner cities have seen demonstrations and fires and now the populace if the destroyed small islands of St.Martin and St. Barts crying racism as the French colonial rulers are demonstrating cold white racism.

All communication coming out of the French islands has a two tier policy of whites first and black last. The result is now hunger, thirst, lack of medical treatments for the black population. It is a damn disgrace that having sucked the colonies dried, having exploited people of African and Indian descent, it has pushed racism in those suffering and ailing.

It is time the Caribbean come together at least at a diplomatic level to show it displeasure because racism is bad and evil. It takes away all God given rights and human dignity. Let us, however, do what we can to assist in a community of African brotherhood.

France continues to talk one way and act another. It is a hypocritical country that has no interest for its masses but is only interested in old time imperialism and colonialism.


I am,

Yours truly,

Maurice Christie

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