Four Shot in Salt Spring/Two Dead Including One Legged Man

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

St. James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – two men were shot and killed and two others shot and injured in two separate shooting incidents which occurred in Salt Spring St James on Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon, April 19. One of the victim is one legged man.

The police pointed out that they are unable to release the name of the second victim at this time but, the victim in
the first incident has been identified as Devon Calvin otherwise called (Kerrie), a one legged man of Quarry district also in Salt Spring.

The two other men who were shot and injured in the said incident have since been admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in serious conditions.

Reports are that about 11:20 am on Wednesday, Calvin who has one leg was wheeled in a wheelchair to a cook shop in Melbourne to purchase breakfast. While at the cook shop a group of armed men walked up to the establishment and open fire hitting the owner of the shop, Calvin and the man who was pushing the wheelchair.

The men then made their escape in the area on foot, while the three wounded men were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where Calvin was pronounced dead and the other three men admitted.

Hours later about 2:30 pm the Montego Hills and police were again summoned to the community following another shooting incident.

Reports are that, a group of men were standing along a section of the roadway in Quarry when they were surprised by gunmen.

The men opened fire hitting one man who was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he too was pronounced dead.

The police say they believe that the second shooting was a reprisal attack from the first shooting.

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