Four Men Sentenced to Life in Prison for Chopping off Woman and Daughter’s Head, in Clarendon

Latest Jamaica News, St Catherine (McKoy’s News): Four Men Sentenced to LifeThe four men convicted for chopping off the head of a St Catherine woman, and her teenage daughter in 2011, were each sentenced to life in prison, when they appeared before the St Catherine Parish Court on Wednesday, December 11.

Adrian Campbell and Fabian Smith were each sentenced to serve 44 years before being eligible for parole. Rashane Goldson was sentenced to serve 46 years before he can get parole, while Kemar Riley, who pleaded not guilty but was later convicted, was sentenced to 52 years.

Reports are that on July 20, 2011, all four men armed themselves with guns and machetes and went to the home of 40-year-old Charmaine Cover-Rattray, and her 18-year-old daughter Joeith Lynch, and kicked their door open.

The men then shot the women multiple times and cut off their heads, before leaving the scene. The police say the heads of both victims have not been found up to this day.

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