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Former FBI Director James Comey’s Achievements

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Exclusive, United States (McKoy’s News)James Comey’s Achievements: Former FBI James Brien Comey, 56 years old, born in Yonkers,  New York and grew up in Allendale New Jersey is truly ‘The Man.’ In that way,  I am referring to his notable achievements throughout his life so far as an honorable man. He is of Irish Heritage, born from parents Joan Herald, a computer consultant and J. Brien Comey who works in corporate real estate.

James Comey is a true family man; he is a proud father of five children, and husband to Patrice Failer. He is a highly educated man, acquired higher education at the University of Chicago Law School and College of William and Mary.

The Former FBI Director James Comey Achievements includes working illustriously to achieve one of the highest positions in the United States of America. The duties that he performed in his early years have groomed him into the position of FBI Director.

After Law School without hesitation, he worked under former District Judge John M. Walker as a Law Clerk, from there he worked for Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher in New York as an Associate. He later joined the Southern District of New York’s United States Attorney Office, where he was in charge of the Criminal Division for six years. During this time he assisted in prosecuting the infamous and widely popular Gambino Crime Family.

In 2002 James Comey was in charge of breaking the case in one of the biggest identity fraud cases in all of American history. The American people were defrauded up to 3 million dollars. He led the investigation and the eventual prosecution of three of the men involved. This case lasted for two years.

An addition to  James Comey’s achievements was confirmation into the position of Deputy Attorney General on December 11, 2003. During his tenure in that position, he spearheaded an investigation into the controversial pardon that was done by President at the time Bill Clinton. It was the pardon of Marc Rich.

James Comey’s achievements also involved one of the most extensive Bank Fraud investigation of all times where John Rigas founder of Adelphia Communications was convicted of wire fraud, securities fraud, and bank fraud in 2004 and 2005.

James Comey has been a Republican for years, but now he is a proud Independent. ‘The Man ‘James Comey was the seventh FBI Director, confirmed through the Senate on July 28, 2013, and appointed by Barack Obama.

James Comey was not a man without trials. As a teen in 1977, he along with his brother were held hostage by rapist criminal. This dangerous criminal went a step further as to hold he and his brother at gunpoint, lucky they both escaped unharmed.

Before the Russia investigation regarding Donald Trump and the Election win of 2016, James Comey became very popular in the News when his team investigated Hillary Clinton about the email scandal. The FBI publicly started a criminal investigation on July 10, 2015, into investigating Hillary Clinton. Analysts have said his decision at the end regarding the Hillary Clinton email controversy may have caused the Democratic Party the election win. This was not the first time he led the charge to investigate the Clintons, An earlier mention was highlighted above, It was actually the third time.

Another notable prosecution by James Comey was the prosecution of Martha Stewart. I think we all remembered when this had occurred. Martha Stewart was charged with lying to the FBI, SEC, and Investors. These accusations caused her to be indicted in 2003 for stock deal fraud.

The Former FBI Agent James Comey was fired by Donald Trump on May 9, 2017. He is truly a man who has worked hard to stay true to his integrities through the difficult tasks that he had to face in one of the most difficult jobs in the United States.


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