Foota Hype Says Vybz Kartel To Be Blamed For Sikka Rymes Getting Shot

Foota Hype Says Vybz Kartel To Be Blamed For Sikka Rymes Getting Shot

Foota Hype issued a stern warning for Vybz Kartel’s protégé Sikka Rymes, following the deejays near-death experience on Sunday morning, when he was shot thrice in the upper body by unknown assailants, at a stoplight near the Sovereign Centre in St. Andrew.

“Mi hear seh dem shoot up Sikka Rymes last night. Give thanks to di Almighty seh him nuh dead. Mi no know if him an nubaddy have nuttn. Mi no know di circumstances surrounding why him get shot; mi uh know if a stray shot; mi no know if a drive by; mi no know a wha,” the self-proclaimed viral king announced on his Instagram lie feed on

According to Foota Hype, he does not wish ill on any artiste regardless of their status and noted that he wishes Sikka Rymes a speedy recovery. “Hope yuh no get to vital hurt. Mi just hope seh yuh aright. Mi jus hope seh a no weh no organ deh an dem ting, so yuh wi come back a hundred percent. Plus is a yute weh diabetic like miself yah, so it hard fi heal an dem ting deh,” Foota said.

The veteran selector then launched into a lengthy lecture, which he said he hoped Sikka would be watching, as it is of critical importance.

“Anyway, mi waa Sikka Rymes fi remember dis, an anybody can tag him: my yute, you are affiliated wid Gaza, zeen. You are affiliated wid Vybz Kartel. Yute, careful!” Foota shouted.

“A nuh ramping ting! Suh if yuh inna di hospital a watch dah live yah dawg, try memba dis: a Vybz Kartel yuh affiliated wid; yuh a Vybz Kartel protégé; yuh caa lose up yourself yute! Yuh haffi mek sure seh when yuh a go out, eeda yuh have a police round yuh fi protection or a hired security or licensed firearm people. An if yuh know yuh a guh some place weh it nuh too right, yuh haffi mek sure seh di thugs dem out,” the veteran selector added.

Foota Hype also took issue with Sikka Rymes’ preferred mode of transportation on motorcycles, which he said the artiste had been constantly using to conduct transactions across the Corporate Area. According to Foota, this was a no-no as it placed him in a highly vulnerable position and allowed people to study his movements.

“Mi a watch yuh from wha day, yah ride bike widout helmet, suh everybaddy a si seh a you an yuh a guh everyweh! A nuh so it work daadi. A Jamaica yuh live enuh Bredda B. A you Kartel a seh a him right hand man fi guh pick up money, drop off, carry tune guh link producer… Yuh mad? Yuh haffi careful my yute. A Jamaica yuh a talk bout. Suh mi know yuh is a young yute; you coulda just end up a get di glory now and yuh waa enjoy di glory (but) there is a plus an a minus with being a star enuh,” Foota argued.

“A you a di numba one student inna di Gaza right now; dat yuh deejay seh. So yuh caa just a get up a go like yuh a eediat, loose-loose. A ride bike – and yuh fi use yuh helmet tuh bredda. So a man see a bike fly past, him don’t even know if a you,” the Calabar High School old boy added.

Foota, whose real name is Oneil Thomas, said based on his own experience of being aligned to both the Gully and Alliance camps, he was well aware that people who are against certain entities will hurt others simply because of their affiliation.

“Yuh haffi memba seh you represent Teacha inna di road. When yuh affiliated to certain entity, yuh life change rude bwoy,” he said.

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