Foota Hype Says He Experienced Govana’s ‘Convo’ In Real Life

Foota Hype claims the love triangle/telephone confrontation illustrated in Govana’s HAMANTS Convo, happened to him, not only in real life, but also just one day after the dancehall artiste released the sequel to the song.

According to the self-proclaimed Viral King, like Govana’s character in the song and music video, he was confronted by the boyfriend of a woman who believed he was having an affair with her.

“A waa show oonu suppm ironic yuh nuh. When Govana drap da song deh, like di song drap today enuh, di next day enuh, mi call a catty phone and a man answer an a gwaan wid himself and mi haffi a seh: ‘a nuh you mi call. Gi di ooman har phone nuh bredda’!” Foota declared on his Instagram Live recently.

Foota said he was so annoyed by the man’s response that he immediately retorted that the woman and he were intimate even though it was not true, triggering death threats from the man, following which the selector challenged the man to a gunfight.

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“Mi seh yuh sound like a b-tty bwoy but yuh nu haffi wait fi come shub yuh gun, tell mei weh yuh deh man mek wi link up. Him nuh waa link up….di man answa di gyal phone enuh and den a gwaan wid bare suppm enhuh and when mi check it out and run hi background, him anuh bad man,” he said.

“Jus choo him see Foota Hype pon him phone screen, hi answa di phone, well waa be famous, well waa seh him argue wid star. Him is a groupie. Weh him a ansa di gyal phone fah. If him did jus mek shi ansa har phone enuh and gwan seh him a listen den, him woulda hear seh a nuh look mi look har or nuttn. Him wuld hear seh a business mi call di girl bout enuh.”

In the meantime, the veteran music selector heaped praises on Govana for his high-level artistry in both HAMANTS Convo versions and also saluted Dexta Daps for his new single, Breaking News, songs which he said were masterpieces.

Foota, in his usual dramatic, blunt style, said he was instrumental in Dexta Daps’ release from jail after he sent his “ancestors” to the jailhouse to have him removed from police custody.

Since then, he claims the 34 year old Dexta Daps, along with Govana have released their two singles, providing a lesson in artistry for the weak upcoming deejays.  “Mi come from jail an a Govana have di hottest song right now wid di hottest video… When mi forward out Dexta neva free up. Mi big up Dexta couple time and sen di ancestors dem fi him, boom! Him jump out. Him do a song name Breaking News; whole internet freeze,” Foota said in the Live video.

Convo Pt. 2 and Breaking News were released last week and are still the top videos on YouTube in Jamaica with 2 million and 1.4 million views respectively. “A suh mi like si music a compete wid music pon di highest level. An a nuh only internet di two tune dem bad pon; dem bad inna real life,” the Calabar High School old boy said.

Foota who last year gave thumbs down to members of Jamaica’s newest cohort of male artistes including Jahvillani and the Montego Bay-based 6IX for being weak performers, said Dexta and Govana have kept their productions authentic and relatable to all Jamaicans, unlike, uncreative copycats artistes, who are hell-bent on impersonating American rappers like Lil Wayne.

“Mi nuh like di likkle nasty artiste dem weh a falla Likkle Wayne dem and dem b*tty bwoy deh! Oonu fi keep di ting within Jamaican standards bredrin, and mek di ting realistic weh wi can seh: ‘di ting shat’” he remarked.

“Di new artiste dem fi a look to our artiste dem fi motivate demself. Keep di ting Jamaica-wise. Keep di ting based inna wi culture bredrin. Nuh badda guh ova di nasty side an a guh like yuh waa be rappa,” Foota declared.

In further expressing his distaste for inauthenticity in the music, Foota said there are many styles of delivery of music that artistes could look to for inspiration, similar to Govana who had taken his cue from Professor Nuts.

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“Yuh nuh haffi try be rappa fi slap di place. Govana come an a show up di man dem now dawg, caw a nuh Govana first duh da reasoning suppm deh, but him come dweet pon a different level now, and di whole a wi can relate to it because man call wi phone aready bout gyal,” he added.

Dancehall veteran Beenie Man also recently called out 6IX deejay Daddy1 saying, “if you ah do Dancehall you do Dancehall. If you a rapper you a rapper”.  Beenie believes that type of blending of the genres is confusing and is causing a decline in Dancehall music.


Source: Dancehallmag

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