Foota Hype release petition making rounds

Jamaica News: Artiste manager, Kerry-Ann Townsend, is pleading with members of the public to call Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, to request the release of her diabetic brother, Oneil ‘Foota Hype’ Thomas.
A petitioning plea which is making the rounds online is seeking the release of all other detainees with serious medical conditions, with delayed hearings, who carry no aggravated felonies, and who have consented to being deported, and still lay in waiting.
In December 2019, Thomas was detained, and his been incarcerated since, on arrival at Port Everglades Seaport aboard the ship, Independence of the Seas, from Falmouth, Jamaica. He had been attending the Jamrock cruise.
The selector was detained for further review of his travel documents and admissibility status.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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