Foota Hype Gives His Take On Why Gage Fell Off

Dancehall selector Foota Hype has revealed why he thinks Gage, who sang the popular song Throat, has seemingly fallen off the grid.

Speaking during an Instagram Live, Foota gave his take on dancehall artiste Gage and what he believes happens to a lot of new artistes.  He said that while the deejay is good and caused quite an uproar with his track Throat, he couldn’t back it up and this is why the song, as well as the artiste, soon faded out of popularity.

“The frenzy gone but guess wha nah go way, the memory fe say ah something nasty buss yuh. So you put out 50,000 song after that and dem nah look pun yuh,” he said.

He believes this happened because of the premise of Gage’s explicit content and the fact that all he would be associated with was these types of lyrics.

This association is why his music is no longer appreciated by fans, Foota reasoned.

He added what also hyped up the song was the antics surrounding it as many listeners began posting videos showing off their unique talents. The song may have given him the exposure he needed as an artiste but it was not enough to sustain his career and poor management may also have been to blame, Foota continued.

The major difference for Gage was that his song was a “frenzy” one and not a real hit, he added. “Yuh cah go no school to perform. yuh cah go nowhere to sing that.”

He used Busy Signal’s Jamaica Love as an example of a true hit song and said that his child’s mother and former girlfriend Ishawna has a blossoming career because she also had a hit song that cemented her talent.

Foota’s analysis of Gage’s career may be spot on as the artiste has been steadily releasing new songs over the last year but none of them have been getting any major airplay.  His last big track was the March 2019 track, Good P—y Gyal which Hype believes could have been an even bigger hit if not for the association with Throat.


Source: Dancehallmag

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