Foota Hype Drags Lisa Mercedez And Jodi Couture, Calls Them Kartel’s ‘Yamheads’

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Dancehall selector Foota Hype, took to social media on Wednesday night, to upbraid the two women who he thinks are making fools of themselves over Vybz Kartel, whom he says, does not even ‘rate’ them.

The Calabar High School old boy made his opinion clear, during his Gallis Wednesdays music show, a portion of which was dedicated to reviewing Kartel’s recently-released Of Dons & Divas album.

He did not mince words as he lampooned Lisa Mercedez and Jodi Couture, whom he said, were laying claim to being Vybz Kartel’s number one woman, which, in his opinion, was quite ridiculous.

“Kartel put out a album name Dons and Divas, zeen.  Jodi nuh deh pon di album none at all; Jodi, mi nuh waa hear yuh talk bout Kartel, unless a him song dem yuh a talk bout.  Guh siddung.  Don’t be a yamhead!” Foota shouted in his microphone.

“Den, Lisa Mercedez likkle bit better off dan yuh, caw she deh pon di album an she duh two ad lib: ‘yeh man,’ ‘a teacha,’ ‘worl’ boss,’” he mocked.

He added: “She don’t have a verse; she don’t deejay a line.  Lisa Mercedez, a don’t waa yuh a war ova Karel h__d.  Leave it alone; yuh is a yamhead, zeen?  Ongle person weh mi si win suh far, outta di f__k fight is Lisa Hyper, caw Lisa have one full song, she an Teacha.  She have verse and chorus.”

Foota Hype also issued a tongue-in-cheek warning for the two women, declaring that they should keep themselves quiet when it comes on to the issue of Kartel’s love life.

“Anyhow mi hear Lisa Mercedez an Jodi Couture a war ova Kartel again, mi a guh deliver a poison to oonu chef, mek him poison oonu b___claat.  Guh sit in di dunce corna; oonu is yamhead; Yambella.  P__claat!” he hollered.

Jodi Couture, who is based in the US, and is a mentee of Kartel, and was jockeying with Lisa Hyper for the First Lady of Gaza title, in which she now says she is no longer interested.

Mercedez who is UK-based, heaped ridicule down on herself recently, after she told Onstage show host Winford Williams, that she was in love with Kartel, and has an ongoing romantic relationship with him, even though she had never met the star in person.

She also told the entertainment journalist that she was also planning to wed Kartel and bear his children even though the artiste is serving a life sentence for murder in the St. Catherine District Prison.

During his review of the album, Foota, after playing State Evidence and the track dubbed Worldboss, which featured Lisa Mercedez, Foota lashed out at her arguing that her contribution to the song was insignificant.

He said she should be embarrassed that she was not even given a verse on any of the two songs on which she was featured, but was limited to single words and short phrases, unlike upcoming female artiste Dani Boo who featured extensively on the album’s title track.

“Suh Lisa Mercedez, a dis yuh a walk an a tell people she yuh deh pon album?  Bout ‘straight’, ‘great’, ‘plate’.  Yuh nuh si seh a style di teacher style yuh?  A weh di mumma b__claat dis?  Lisa Mercedes, mi need a meetin.  Mi an yuh haffi guh live, becaw mi nuh know a what dat.  Da a Kartel alone, dat a nuh combination,” he said in astonishment.

“Mi ongle hear Lisa Mercedes a seh ‘yeh man’.  So a ongle dat Lisa Mercedez sing?  All now Lia Mercedes nuh sing a line.  If mi evea hear yuh open yuh mouth bout Kartel a yuh man, wi gi yuh likkle b___claat poison.  Yuh betta guh back home to Stylo G.  Yuh naw no sense.  Yuh like yamhead. Lisa Mercedez please, guh home; yuh is a Yamabella,” he taunted.


Source: Dancehallmag

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