Foota Hype Defends Sean Kingston After Viral Video Shows Cars Being Towed From Mansion In Jamaica

Dancehall Selector Foota Hype has come out in defense of his close friend Sean Kingston after viral videos have been circulating which apparently show law enforcement officials at Kingston’s home in Jamaica.

The video, shows the Jamaican Constabulary Force and the military at his home in the Norbrook community in St. Andrew with flatbed trucks. This only seemed to add to the suspicion that his vehicles were being repossessed. However, according to the Beautiful Girls singer, they were only there to help with the removal of the vehicles as they all had engine troubles.

This he said was caused by the fact that the vehicles which included a black Range Rover SVR, a white AMG Mercedes-Benz SUV, and a black BMW SUV had been parked for over a year. The controversy was started by some construction workers, who filmed the removal of the vehicles, while they were working on a property in close proximity to the mansion.

The collection of short clips also had some narration that was a bit misleading.  In one of them, someone is heard saying: “Bruk dung all di man gate and guh een star.”

Foota Hype was quick to defend his friend as he reminded viewers of the video that they should make sure it’s a credible source before jumping to conclusions even though he too admitted he was not quite sure what was going on at the mansion.

Dancehall selector Oneil Ricardo Thomas better known as Foota Hype
In an Instagram Live, Kingston addressed the issues about what he says really happened. An obviously irate Kingston said he was inundated with calls and texts asking him if he was okay. The situation must have given him flashbacks to 2014 when it was claimed that he was going broke and he was sued by a jeweler for non-payment. He also had a car repossessed that year.

“Uno still a ask me bout house a Jamaica. Stop ask me bout that! “You no see me have a million dollars worth a cars Inna me driveway a LA, stop ask me bout that man,” he said.

“Supm did wrong with me engine. Two a me engine dem did f**k up so me did affi get the people dem fi come tow the car dem so me can fix the engine cause me no drive dem inna over a year and a half, ” he added.

“Me no de a Jamaica fi over a year so that a the problem. You know when you nah move your vehicle dem affi make sure some people come check pon dem cause you no want the engine dem freeze up pon you. So a that did gwaan.”

Later he hops back on the IG Live, this time to speak with Foota, who offers him some words of comfort.

“Once somebody say something, whether is an onlooker, one side say something, then the whole world are run with what the onlooker say even though he don’t know wha ah gwan.” To which Kingston interjects to say that he’s just bought a US$16 million dollar home in LA so how could he possibly be broke.

He continues to speak hastily saying that he has a new album that will launch soon and basically that his career is very successful at this point in time. The conversation is abruptly cut due to internet connection issues. The jury is still out on this one as many fans have questioned why the police would need to break into the mansion to retrieve the cars if it was simple mechanical problems. However, from all the things that Kingston laid out, it appears to be a situation that was exaggerated for the hype.


Source: Dancehallmag

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