$1M supercar washed away by hurricane

Florida man’s brand new $1M supercar washed away by hurricane

A Florida man revealed that his newly purchased $1 million McLaren P1 supercar was swept away during Hurricane Ian — with only 300 miles on the waterlogged odometer.

The luxury car enthusiast by the name of Ernie posted a series of images on his Instagram account, which shows the bright yellow vehicle being swept up in his flooded Naples neighborhood.

“Car went thru the garage,” he wrote in the caption.

In an earlier post, he shared a photo of the plug-in, hybrid car with its winged doors open and items stored in the tiny cargo space under the hood.

“My hurricane supply car,” Ernie wrote.

“Defintely love driving it in Race Mode,” he wrote in a post showing the sleek vehicle parked in front of a luxury home.

And in yet another post, he showed off his McLaren parked next to a white Rolls-Royce inside the garage.

A Florida car enthusiast shared a heartbreaking image of his newly purchased $1 million McLaren P1 as it is swept away by Hurricane Ian flooding.
“Car went thru the garage,” he wrote after the supercar was seen parked alongside a Rolls-Royce amid flooding in Naples, Florida.

More than 3,800 people commented on the image of the submerged car.

“I’m so sorry, that’s heartbreaking,” one user wrote.

“Stay safe, cars are replaceable,” another said in sympathy.

“Insurance job,” a third quipped.

Other users turned to mocking the car owner for the posts of his numerous destroyed luxury cars. Many pointed toward a post Ernie had published on Instagram Tuesday which showed the McLaren P1 full of groceries for the storm.

“My hurricane supply car,” he wrote.

“This did not age well,” one commenter joked.

“It’s the hurricanes car now,” another added.

One user mockingly asked Ernie “How’s that working out?” while another labeled the picture one of the “Top 10 pics taken moments before disaster.”

Ernie shared images of his Lamborghini, which was flipped upside down after the storm.

Ernie also shared an image of his blue Lamborghini flipped completely upside down near his McLaren. Weeds were wrapped around the wheels of the Lamborghini — in which prices begin at $200,000. All of its contents, such as fast food containers, had spilled into the inner roof of the car.

His caption on the post showing his tipped car was simply “wow.”

Ernie also posted videos to his Instagram Stories showing his devastated upscale neighborhood, as well as his flooded vehicles.

Ernie gushed about his hybrid racer in earlier snaps from his upscale community days before the hurricane swept through.

On its website, McLaren describes the P1 as “a stunning piece of automotive design, but you won’t find any needless ornaments or frivolous styling features on it. Every surface has been designed to work, every part given the same aerodynamic consideration as if it was part of an aircraft or a Formula 1™ car.”

The twin-turbo V8 engine produces a top speed of 217 mph on dry land.



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