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Flooding Destroys Sections of Montego Bay

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Jamaica News, March 12, 2018 – Flooding Destroys Sections of Montego Bay                                                        

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Heavy rainfall on Friday afternoon through to Friday night, led to several businesses and sections of roadway in Montego Bay being flooded.

Several businesses along Union Street,  Harbor Street, and Market Street were flooded.  Also, an entire section of the Orange Street in the vicinity of Cornwall College and Hope Hospice was completely covered in water and the surface of the roadway destroyed.

A total of six motor vehicles were swept away in the water and were severely damaged.

Flooding Destroys Sections of Montego Bay

One female stated that she was traveling home along Orange Street about 8:00 p.m., when she saw a large body of water rushing towards her car.  She further stated that she immediately jumped from her car and ran. She said she was just in time to see her vehicle being washed away and ending up piling along with other washed away vehicles.

A traffic pile-up of several thousand vehicles speed throughout the city and loss of power left the city in total darkness. Motorists and pedestrians marooned for hours.

Flooding Destroys Sections of Montego Bay

A large section of the pavement was washed away in the flood waters, which ended up with several large holes been formed in the roadway.

This latest flooding came just a few months following a major flooding which took place at approximately the same locations, and a few months after the Mayor of Montego Bay reported that the city of Montego Bay was safe from flooding, and several million dollars were spent to clean drains.

On Saturday morning the Mayor of Montego Bay,  His worship Homer Davis toured sections of the town which was damaged by the flooding and told reporters that the clearing of the roadways, as well as, cleaning of drains will commence immediately.

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