Flankers Taxi Operator Shot

Flankers Taxi Operator Shot after Playing Good Samaritan

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, January 17, 2018   

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Flankers Taxi Operator Shot: A taxi operator who plies the downtown Montego Bay route to Flankers, who allegedly played the role of a good Samaritan on Tuesday afternoon by transporting gunshot victims to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, was shot and injured by gunmen about an hour later, just a few feet from where the first shooting took place.

Reports by the police are that the 41-year-old taxi operator who hails from Flankers in Montego allegedly assisted in transporting two wounded men who were shot and injured by gunmen along Sunset Boulevard.

It is further reported that while the murder and shooting scene was still being processed the victim was on his way back towards Flankers when on reaching a section of Queens Drive, he was ambushed by three armed men who opened fire on the car. The gunmen made their escape in bushes and police officers ran from one shooting scene to the next.

The taxi operator was discovered in the vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds and he was immediately transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was treated and admitted.

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