Flagaman Irrigation System Feasibility Study Far Advanced

Jamaica News: State Minister in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, and Fisheries, Hon. Floyd Green, says the feasibility study being developed for the proposed irrigation system in Flagaman, St. Elizabeth, is far advanced.

The system is projected to take water from the Black River to supply some 5,000 farmers whose cultivations are impacted by drought annually.

Mr. Green told JIS News that the consultants’ midway report for the study has determined that the Black River has the capacity to adequately supply Flagaman and adjoining communities.

“The consultants have spoken to farmers, they have actually measured all the areas, they have gone to the Black River, [and] looked at its capacity to supply the area,” he further indicated.

Additionally, Mr. Green said plans are underway to design the layout of the irrigation system and determine the cost for the project’s implementation.

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He advised that the final report on the study should be completed by December, thereby enabling the Government to allocate funding for the project’s execution.

Mr. Green assured that the Administration remains committed to remedying the adverse drought conditions affecting the farmers.

“The reality is that Flagaman is one of the most populated farming areas in Jamaica, but they have never had an irrigated water supply. I am confident when I say that… the Government will be providing irrigation for the farmers,” he said.

Mr. Green said it is anticipated that this intervention will increase agricultural productivity and boost economic growth in Flagaman.


Source: JIS News

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