Fix your deficiencies first, JHTA tells Jamaican Tourism licensing agencies

Jamaica News: The big stick approach by some of the Ministry of Tourism’s regulatory agencies towards hoteliers, is not going down well with the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA).

President of the JHTA Omar Robinson did not mince words on Saturday as he issued a strong reprimand to the state agencies some of which he said, were themselves highly inefficient.

“On the issue of our JTB Licence which is coming under threat for revision, we strongly feel there are far too many agencies responsible for inspecting and granting copious individual licences and permits, which negatively impact compliance,” the president said in his report, at the  58 Annual General Meeting of the organisation at the Hilton Resort in Montego Bay.

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“We must first fix the lack of alignment and inefficiencies of the myriad agencies, and reduce the number of licences required for compliance,” he said.

This is not the first time a hotelier has roughed up the Ministry of Tourism for inadvertently allowing its agencies to pose a hindrance to the fulsome operations of, in particular, small hotels.

Former president of the Negril Chamber of Commerce has time and time again, in the recent past refereed to the TPDCO and the JTB as a policeman with a big stick, being more of an obstacle than a facilitator to hotels, as their mandate suggests.

Mr. Grizzle said both the JTB and the TPDCo ought to focus more on performing an advisory role.  The veteran hotelier has contended that properties in the small accommodations sector simply need guidance on how to improve their offerings, but are unable to get the requisite support from the agencies.


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