Five Trelawny Men Who Threw Away Illegal Gun During High-Speed Chase, Held by the Police

Latest Jamaica News, Trelawny (McKoy’s News): Five men who engaged the police in a high-speed chase, after they threw away an illegal firearm in Zion district, Trelawny, were later cornered and apprehended.

The identities of the five accused have been withheld pending further investigations.

Reports by the police are that about 10:25 p.m., a team of officers were carrying out operations along a section of Zion main road when they signaled a Toyota Premier motorcar with the five men on board, to stop.

The driver of the vehicle failed to comply and sped away. The police gave chase and one of the men was seen throwing an object out the window.

The object was retrieved and found to be a Taurus 9mm pistol fitted with a magazine containing 15 live 9mm rounds of ammunition.

The vehicle in which the men were travelling was also intercepted, and all five occupants were taken into custody.

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