Five Persons Taken into Custody during Joint Police/Military Operation in Westmoreland

A joint police/military operation in Westmoreland led to a major drug seizure and the arrest of several men, on Saturday, March 13.

Members of the Narcotics Division, the St. James Operations Support Unit and the military conducted a predawn raid at Ketto district, Springfield in Westmoreland.

During the operation, several premises and a motor car were searched. Two 9mm pistols and thirty-five 9mm cartridges and approximately six hundred pounds of cured ganja were seized. About five hundred ganja plants were and an acre of illegal ganja were also destroyed. The estimated value of the six hundred pounds of ganja is JMD 2.4 million.

Five persons were taken into custody in relation to the seizures. Their identities are being withheld pending further investigations.

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