Five Men Arrested Following $60 Million Cocaine Seizure

In separate operations in St James and St Mary yesterday, narcotics officers seized cocaine worth US$400,000, or around J$60 million.

The police have confirmed that five men who were allegedly traveling in the vehicles in which the drugs were discovered are now in custody.

The police have not yet filed any charges against them.

According to reports, investigators from the Police Narcotics Division intercepted a motorcar in Montego Bay about midday in the first operation.

Five kilograms of a white powdery material resembling cocaine were discovered during a search of the car. Two men were subsequently apprehended.

Five hours after the first incident, two motor vehicles were stopped along the Rio Nuevo Main Road in St Mary.

Another three kilograms of substance were discovered during a check of both vehicles, and three individuals were arrested, according to the police.

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