First Crowdfunding Platform in the Caribbean-Real Helping Hands

About Real Helping Hands                                                             

In an exclusive interview with Mckoy’s News, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sadikie Williams and Country Director Emprezz Golding, introduced the Caribbean’s first Crowdfunding platform, Real Helping Hands (RHH), to the Caribbean people in and around its diaspora. The concept to create this company came about by the company’s CEO, Williams, as a result of the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the Caribbean’s people. Williams said he saw where individuals were in dire need of help, while some had no means of garnering income for basic sustenance; therefore he created a Caribbean-centered fundraising platform called Real Helping Hands.” The company is currently operating in Jamaica, Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago and is being operated by a group of young, brilliant Caribbean natives, since its inception in November 2020.

Real Helping Hands (RHH) is a Caribbean focused, Crowdfunding platform that supports and facilitates fundraising efforts by individuals which include but is not limited to students, persons in need of funds to assist with medical emergencies or funeral expenses, schools, children homes, entrepreneurs/business startups, the creatives and anyone needing to raise funds through contributions from the general public (known as the crowd). This policy also creates a transferring space for philanthropy to create partnerships and build a stronger network with the main goal of meeting the desires and finding solutions for persons in need of financial support.

Our news team spoke with the company’s CEO who is very optimistic about the company’s future.

“We are not a charity nor a good deeds program. Real Helping Hands LLC aims to become the central nervous system for fundraising online in the Caribbean,” Williams stated.

Meet the leaders/how to get started

Real Helping Hands consist of a team of young leaders seeking to empower and uplift members of the Caribbean. It is spearheaded by Chief Executive Officer Sadikie Williams and geared by Country Directors Emprezz Golding from Jamaica, Sasha Jones from Grenada and Khadine Sealy who’s the Country Director for Trinidad and Tobago. The team is also strengthened by its Chief Operating Officer (COO), Agostino Bennett; the Marketers are Natasha Williams, Vicki-Ann Cooper and Tameka Linton while the social media platforms are operated by Kelse Watson. Though RHH is looking forward to spreading its ‘helping hands’ across all countries of the Caribbean and internationally, the company is currently an online platform based in three Caribbean countries and have already been reaping success based on the number of campaigners who have made successful withdrawals.

In a recent interview with a popular TV station in Trinidad, Marketing Strategist Williams, boast that the RHH website which is very reliable and user-friendly makes it very efficient and easy for persons to create campaigns; which offers great transparency for campaigners to monitor their own campaigns. Individuals are able to start a fundraising campaign for free on the RHH website ( by simply creating an account, share your story along with a title for the campaign, set a financial goal to achieve, agree to the terms and conditions of the company then submit the campaign. Thereafter, the campaigner is encouraged to share the campaign on all social media sites of their choice to ensure success. RHH also allows for the freedom of individuals to log into their campaigns even after it has been funded to make changes to their campaigns and provide updates to their conditions.

In addition, RHH highlighted that unlike other fundraising platforms, the company also helps individuals to promote their campaigns by making several posts on all the company’s social media platforms to boost the campaigns. Despite the company still being in its startup stage, Country Director Sealy informed Mckoy’s News that “so far they currently have up to 82 campaigns on site,” said Sealy.

Why Real Helping Hands?

Persons may ask why raise funds with Real Helping Hands and not the other go-fund-me platforms? When our news team put this question to the company’s CEO, he pointed out that unlike other fundraising organizations, RHH has a unique differentiating factor.

“The space is crowded and growing more crowded, with competitors like GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo offering their own crowdfunding services. One big difference for RHH is that we are providing the service to the Caribbean unlike our competitors require Social Security which is a barrier to entry for the Caribbean Natives;” said Williams.

Country Director Sealy concurred this statement as she emphasized that “with Real Helping Hands we don’t impose any restriction on our campaigners, for example with our competitors…you will need a social security number to create a campaign…but we are giving the Caribbean people the autonomy to create and manage their [own] campaigns,” Sealy echoed. The entire team seemed passionate about the RHH company being the number one platform to raise funds as another Marketer shared that “unlike most other fundraising platforms which requires individuals to have a PayPal account, at RHH we make it very efficient for donors to donate using their personal account and banking information with all online safety protocols being properly monitored;” she said.

The RHH Marketing Specialist also boasts that what makes their platform overly unique and separates them from their competitors is that they focus on the ‘entire’ Caribbean with an avenue for ‘everyone’ to create campaigns, as their tagline states they are a team of “Real People Helping Real People.”


Natasha Williams- McKoy’s News Senior Writer

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