Fireman’s Child Dies in Fire, Dad Injured

A fireman was injured in a fire in which his son died in St Mary on Saturday, April 26.

Dead is three-year-old Kadjahni Falconer.

Reports are that the fireman who works at the Port Maris station was at home in Mason Hall in the parish while his children and others were playing outside in an old building in the yard. Reports are that, about 12:30,  the elder of the fireman’s two sons went into the house telling his father that the building was on fire and his brother was trapped inside.

The fireman rushed to the wooden building that was on fire and found his son under an old mattress. He took the boy out and rushed him to Port Maria Hospital where the child was pronounced dead and the fireman admitted.

He is being treated for burns to his hands head and back, sustained in his efforts to save his son. Officers from the Port Maria fire station were deployed to the site of the fire and did cooling down operations.

The Port Maria police are investigating.

The father remains in hospital.

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