Gunmen Being Sought in Connection With Firearm Seizure In St James


Montego Bay (Mckoys News)-Firearm Seizure :The Freeport police in St James are now carrying out searches throughout the inner city,for three men who were found to be transporting an illegal firearm and several rounds of ammunition, after the motor vehicle in which they were traveling crashed along a action of the Howard Cooke Boulevard on Tuesday morning.

The police reported that shortly  after 12:30 am on Tuesday, October 24, a police party was  carrying out patrols along the Howard Cooke Boulevard, when they noticed a Silver Mitsubishi motor car with three men ,  travelling in their direction. They signaled the vehicle to stop, but the driver instead,  sped away. The lawmen gave chase, but upon reaching the vicinity of the Freeport Station, the driver of the Mitsubishi motor car lost control, and the vehicle overturned. Three men were seen running from the crashed vehicle and escaped in nearby bushes. The police carried out a search of the vehicle, which led to the discovery of a Smith and Wesson 9mm semi automatic pistol along with 34 live rounds of ammunition.A total of two illegal firearms have been seized within a one hour period in the parish.

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