Firearm and Ammunition Seized in St. Andrew Man Charged- Raheem Panton

Lawmen assigned to the St. Andrew Central Police Division charged one man with Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition following an operation on Dewsbury Avenue, Kingston 6 on Monday, April 27.

He is 22-year-old Raheem Panton of Nannyville Gardens, Kingston 3.

Reports from the Matilda’s Corner Police are that about 3:45 p.m., Police officers were on an operation in the area when they saw a motor cycle with two men aboard. The driver was signalled to stop and he complied. The men were accosted, searched and a Glock 9mm pistol with a magazine containing seven 9mm rounds of ammunition was taken from the waistband of one of the men. He was subsequently arrested and charged.

Panton is scheduled to appear before the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on Friday, May 29.

The other man escaped and is currently being sought by the Police.

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