FLA Board Members Resign

Fire at the Firearm Licensing Authority

(McKoy’s News)Fire at the Firearm Licensing Authority: The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) has come under “fire” over the past few days as a result of information being released that scammers are now among the number of licensed firearm holders. There is also news that a Jamaica Labour Party activist on the police radar and once investigated for several crimes was granted a license.

Chairman, Dennis Wright, stated that the Board is not involved in any form of corruption and after talks were held earlier this year with the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA), a current investigation of more than 100 gun licenses were conducted. He also said that for persons to allege that senior FLA members were selling licenses is very destructive and defaming to the members’ characters.

However, while MOCA is carrying out their investigations, FLA’s review Board, led by Justice Seymour Panton, is assessing the agency’s systems.

Shane Dalling, FLA’s CEO, in an interview, stated that an independent audit of the gun authority could be done as it relates to a thorough check into applications for licenses that were at first rejected then accepted before the appeals are heard.

A day after the Minister of National Security, Robert Montague, held an emergency meeting with the Board, Deputy Chairman, Dennis Meadows, removed himself from same to permit a police investigation, stating that he was the “target of a smear campaign”.

Minister Montague was forced to take action after it was realized that a letter was intentionally disclosed, exposing a member of the Police High Command expressing concern about gun licenses being approved for persons with prior gun convictions and very questionable

Montague was forced to act after a letter was leaked, showing a member of the Police High Command expressing concern about licenses being approved for people with gun convictions and questionable character.

Information Minister, Ruel Reid have since confirmed that the entire Board of the FLA has now resigned amidst the continuous disagreement over the issuance of gun permit and licenses to persons of irreputable character.

Reid, who spoke at a cabinet press briefing, stated that the outgoing FLA Directors mentioned in their letters that they took this stance in order to protect their integrity. He said Minister Montague applauded them for the service they had given to their country. The suspension in the issuing of firearm permits came as part of several measures being implemented by Montague during the transition at the FLA.

McKoy’s News will continue to follow the FLA saga until there is a conclusion to the matter.

Contributed by Nichola Panton


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