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Fighting Over Man, Baby Moma Kill Her “Jamerican” Matie with Jeep

Fighting Over Man

Chicago, USA (Mckoy’s News) – Fighting Over Man: a fist fight between a baby mother and a current “on again – off again” girlfriend of the baby’s father, ended in the girlfriend being mauled to death with a Jeep Liberty.

Chynna Stapleton, 24 and Tatyanna Lewis, 18 shared one thing in common, they both loved the same young man,  Tyshaun Page, 20. Their paths cross when Page who has been in a relationship “on and off ” with Lewis for over 4 years, got Stapleton pregnant in one of their “off again” periods.

According to Tyshaun Page, who gave Tatyanna a ring and promised her marriage, she was taunted on Facebook constantly and called names by Stapleton; and had enough of it, when she challenged Stapleton to a fist fight to settle the score.

Tyshaun Page man at the center of Chynna Stapleton and Tatyanna Lewis ” Fighting Over Man ” tragedy

Chicago officials say, both women agreed to meet up and fight in front of Page’s home, their common ground.

The timeline then begins when Tatyanna called her best friend on video (FaceTime) at 11:06 p.m. on Friday, May 12 and told her what was about to go down (fight). Next the best friend began watching Lewis on Facebook live repeatedly punching Stapleton.

When the live ” Fighting Over Man ” video stopped recording, she assumed her best friend was okay; until she got a call from another friend at 11: 17 screaming for help!

Reportedly, Tatyanna Lewis beat Chynna Stapleton to a bloody mess; and what happened next was more than girls fight – but unimaginable to all.

Tatyanna Lewis (left) killed by Chynna Stapleton (right) using this Jeep Liberty as weapon

Prosecutors told the court at the bail hearing for Stapleton on Monday that, after the fight broke up, a bloodied Stapleton got into her 2002 Jeep Liberty to leave. Lewis kicked a passenger-side door as Stapleton was trying to pull away, and witnesses then heard Stapleton yell, “I’ve got something for you,”

Allegedly, Stapleton then made a sharp turn, and drove her Jeep over the curb towards the house, and onto lawns, where witnesses saw her “barreling down on Lewis.”

Lewis tried to run from the fast oncoming jeep and tripped, falling, prosecutors said. Stapleton then hit her with the Jeep, pinning her against a nearby tree, then put the vehicle into reverse and began to run over Lewis who became stuck on the front end of the Jeep.

Allegedly, as Stapleton reversed her Jeep, dragging Lewis along until Lewis was pulled under the vehicle, according to prosecutors.

Reportedly, Stapleton then stopped the jeep, shifted gear into drive and ran Lewis over with both the front and rear wheels of the Jeep.

Lewis was pronounced dead at 11:27 p.m.

Lewis, was the youngest child for her parents, and the only girl with three older brothers. She was also the daughter of a Chicago police officer. She was in a nursing program at North Shore Hospital, and was the caretaker for both her aunt and grandmother

Tatyanna who calls herself a Jamerican, was making plans to her visit native Jamaica this summer.

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