Ferry Police Station To Be Renovated

Ferry Police Station To Be Renovated

The Ferry Police Station, in St. Andrew, is to be renovated at a cost of $10 million, under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and Toll Authority of Jamaica (TAJ), which is funding the engagement.

Among the programmed scope of work for the six-month project are: roof repairs, upgrading of offices/workspaces, rest rooms and the waiting area, electrical modifications, and general facelifting of the building.

Minister of Transport and Mining, Hon. Robert Montague, who has portfolio responsibility for the Authority, and the entity’s Chairman, Hon. William Shagoury, symbolically handed over the cheque to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Clifford Blake, who represented Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson.

The presentation was made at a ceremony at the police station on Tuesday (December 14), to launch the undertaking.

In his remarks, Mr. Montague pointed out that the station houses the Highway and Safety Patrol Division, which has responsibility for patrol and traffic enforcement along the East-West and North-South Highways.

Consequent on this, he said the facility gets more visits from persons travelling along those thoroughfares than any of the other Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) stations.

“When persons are travelling (in the vicinity) on the highways (and need assistance), this is the station that they stop at,” the Minister informed.

Mr. Montague advised that the renovation will be in line with the historic nature of the station, adding that “nothing will be changed; we will just be enhancing the structure.”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Toll Authority, Lerone Laing, said the renovation has been part of the entity’s mandate for “some time,” noting that its execution was delayed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“We, at the Toll Authority, are proud to finally [be able] to say we have achieved this very important strategic objective. This is of strategic importance to us, and we are very proud to be able to execute this project,” he added.

Mr. Laing further advised that a joint committee, comprising JCF and TAJ members, will oversee the project’s execution.

Mr. Shagoury, who highlighted the station’s importance, based on its location, pointed out that upon the project’s completion, “this is going to be one of the most beautiful stations in the parish.”

Chief Technical Director in the Ministry of National Security, Delroy Simpson, who informed that Ferry was among the stations for which renovation had to be deferred due to the impact of economic fallout on the budget caused by COVID-19, said the Toll Authority’s intervention is “very timely.”

“We simply could not find the funding to do it. So, we are very pleased to have the Toll Authority of Jamaica partner with the Jamaica Constabulary Force to renovate the strategically placed Ferry Police Station,” he said.

For his part, Commanding Officer for the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Gary McKenzie, underscored the project’s importance.

He said the station is strategically located, noting that it links the “very busy” parishes of St. Andrew and St. Catherine and is responsible for the personnel and resources that “police” the toll highways.

“These roadways are very important links between a number of parishes… Kingston to Clarendon all the way to Westmoreland [on the south side of the island]… and on the north side… from St. Catherine through to St. Ann… all the way to St. James,” ACP McKenzie further indicated.

Noting the programmed expansion of the highways, the Senior Officer emphasised the importance of ensuring these and other roadways are managed in such a manner that enables persons to traverse safely.






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