Female Tourists Going Crazy Over JDF Soldiers in Negril

A photograph of a smiling young, Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldier, posted on a Negril Facebook group this morning, (June 9) has left female tourists to the resort town orgasmic.

Who’s worried about being under a State Of Emergency if being stopped by this handsome young face #WelcomeSOE #CalmDownStella,” the lady who posted the photograph of the dark-skinned private soldier, captioned the photograph of the smiling youngster who appeared to be at the Orange Bay/Negril checkpoint in Hanover.


The post attracted a plethora of comments from the ladies who gushed over the soldier’s good looks and supermodel smile.

“I demand a full body search officer,” one woman said, while another immediately added: “Right. Officer don’t you need to pat me down like TSA?”

We, of course, asked his permission to photograph him. He was already smiling, which is the reason we asked if we could take his picture, then the smile became larger. I was extremely PROUD to see the young man…,” the original poster, obviously bemused at the comments from the other commenters said.

Another lady added her voice to the comments:  “Big up your self Mr. Handsome. Love and blessings always…continue do your job with that beautiful smile.   It’s very welcoming.  With a smile like (that) even if you have a bad day you must smile at this. Customer service is everything,” she said.

But it seems the un-named soldier in the photo is not the only trooper causing the ladies hearts to race. JDF soldiers manning the Orange Bay/Negril checkpoint, as well as, their other colleagues who are patrolling the town, are now eye candy for more mature females, who say the military men are setting the resort town on fire with their handsome faces and sexy physiques.

It is not only the soldiers’ runway-model looks that the women are impressed with, but also their courteousness and affability.

They have the best smiles,” one female hotelier on the post wrote.

Some of them evidently were sheltering in the police station and I took ladies to the Police Station bar, Man they grabbed the likkle soldier dem for photo ops… and the guys LOVED IT. It was a fun thing,” one woman, wrote of the soldier’s newly-found celebrity status.

Maybe the Ministry of Tourism could use this as an opportunity to incorporate young soldiers in their overseas marketing campaigns. Over to you, JTB.

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