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Female Dancehall Artist Karamanti, Goes off on Major Religions in New Video

Karamanti Releases New Dancehall Video

Jamaica Entertainment News: Dancehall Artist Karamanti Female Dancehall Dancehall artist Karamanti has made the subject of religion the central theme in her just released music video, Walkout. Shot approximately two weeks ago in the Seaview Gardens community in Kingston, Jamaica, the visuals show the artist passionately performing her song (which is essentially a conversation with God) while clips of a documentary about Catholic Bishops sexually abusing children, Holy wars between Israel and Palestine, and Muslims worshiping are slipped in.

According to Karamanti, the video was inspired by the recent news of new allegations of additional sexual abuse by elders in the Catholic church. Committed to using her voice to highlight, and when possible remove wrongs, negativity etc. Karamanti said that she is completely prepared for any unfavorable backlash that the video will bring.



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