Warren Johnson


Warren Johnson – “Views From Above” Vol #4 Hoodlums and Hoodies

Hoodlums and Hoodies are set to dominate Jamaica for some time as the powers-that-be, along with the bleeding heart liberals of the extreme variety, have too much say and sway over the running of our Island right into the ground, or underground. Our pervasive criminal environment will either have to change, or we will wilt […]

Soca vs Dancehall in Jamaica

Warren Johnson – “Views From Above” Vol #3 Dancehall vs Soca in Jamaica

Dancehall vs Soca in Jamaica The age-old arguments about these two musical genres was revived in a radio programme on Irie FM with Kashema Francis and her co-host, in a mock trial of sorts – which aired a lot of views that just added more gasoline to the fire. I was unable to stay tuned […]

Zone of Special Operations


As a sensible Jamaican trying hard to be fair and balanced, as it is the right thing to be. It is difficult to not be jolted by some of the comments coming out of government into the public space. This past Sunday’s edition of the Jamaica Observer, reported that PM, Andrew Holness said that the […]

Jamaican and flag

Warren Johnson – “Views From Above”

In “contemplating” the subject of this article, you will have to consider and decide which side of the divide are you on, after an honest appraisal and self-examination. If you are able to read and understand this far, there is no need to bog you down with the definition of the word Jamaican, nor the […]

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