Mark Wignall

Bequeathing a Wreck to our Youth

Mark Wignall: Jamaica has long become a scary place

Jamaica has long become a scary place. This morning I park outside an ATM at Chancery Street in Meadowbrook. I have a hard working Jamaican (ducoman) in the passenger seat. As I exit, the ducoman has opened his door and a young man passing between the tight space between parked cars says to him, ‘Pussy, […]

jamaica paradise

Mark Wignall: Jamaica; Where Paradise Dances with Peril

Jamaica News: Slowly and deliberately immerse yourself in this imaginary scene. You are 45 years old, married, with two children. Life has been good to you even though you know a lot of work went into starting your successful small business. It is the summer holidays and your daughter has traveled abroad to spend time […]

Donald Trump vs Putin

Mark Wignall: Trump is Plainly Putin’s Potted Plant

World News, USA: Bizarre as a word used to describe President Donald Trump’s moronic snorting of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s talking points in Helsinki a few days ago does not do justice to the reality of it as leaders of the western alliance stood in shock and awe as Trump tore down the FBI, the […]


Mark Wignall: Politicians and Prostitutes

Politicians and Prostitutes: At age 18, in 1968, I met my first prostitute and in 1976, having lived through 1968, I met my first politician. I believe that I am perfectly positioned, first as a person who was given, by my older friends, the sexual services of a woman whose good looks had long left […]

Brazil Team

Mark Wignall: Has Brazil Lost that Sweet Magic?

Jamaica News: For more than a few moments while watching the Brazil 2018 squad in its opening match with Switzerland, I allowed my mind to wander at will and at its most feverish imaginings, I saw what was not there – flashes of the best Brazilian squad (1982) that never made it to the semi-finals. […]

Bequeathing a Wreck to our Youth

Mark Wignall: Why are so Many Lawyers Failing?

Jamaica News: It is one thing entirely to have personally sat down with a lawyer, engaged in extended conversation with him and be in no doubt about his expertise and integrity and then, in another moment, after a few years, be told that he is disbarred. The playbook tends to run mostly one way. In the […]

Bequeathing a Wreck to our Youth

Mark Wignall: Destroyed and Wasted by Cocaine

Wasted by Cocaine: I still see him every now and then but, he avoids me like the plague. Maybe, there is a little bit of pride left in him, as disheveled, gaunt and toothless as he is. About a year ago I was in one of my favourite watering holes, Rhona’s on Red Hills Road chatting […]

Gino Gennings

Mark Wignall: Damn rude, Pastor Jennings!

Jamaica News, Kingston: The recent stage clash, charitably called a debate between religious stage performer, the American Gino Jennings and local entertainer, Mr. Vegas, tells me that not much has changed in how the religious side of our nation view an American on our local soil. Wanted to pack an evangelical church in the 1950’s? […]


Mark Wignall: Jamaica, Where Poverty and Plenty Dance Together

Jamaica News, March 28, 2018 Jamaica, Where Poverty and Plenty Dance In the 1980’s when I lived in Havendale, 50-something  year old Wally was the regular lawn man for me, you know, the kind of relationship where he just shows up with his lawnmower because he knows that it is time. During times of drought, […]


Speed out Your Lanes, Lovely Jamaican Women

Jamaica News, March 21, 2018 – Lovely Jamaican Women  Were I in the habit of giving advice to people either privately or in a public setting, I would tell them that to mix religious stupidity with party politics is a certain guarantee that mainly, idiocy will result in that mixture. Associate pastor and councillor for the […]

Bequeathing a Wreck to our Youth

Mark Wignall: Bequeathing a Wreck to our Youth

Jamaica News, March 6, 2018 – Bequeathing a Wreck to our Youth It is typical in Jamaican uptown suburbs that whenever a child comes of age or does especially well in academic achievement, he or she is gifted with a car. If the head of the household is rolling in cash, the car will be spanking […]

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