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Dear McKoy: How to Deal with a Mental Family Member?

How to deal with a mental family member   Dear McKoy, “I have a sister who has mental disabilities and she is always getting pregnant even though she never leaves her room. I had always been thinking how strange it was and I have finally figured out the problem. Whenever she becomes heated it does […]

My sister used my money

Dear McKoy: My Sister Used My Money

My sister used my money   Dear McKoy, “I am a Jamaican who has been working overseas for the past 5 years and sending money home for my sister to save in my bank account. I recently arrived in Jamaica in order to start some construction on my house. My sister was nowhere to be […]


Dear McKoy: In Love with My Teacher

In love with my teacher   Dear McKoy, “I am a teenaged girl and I am so in love with my Mathematics teacher. I have on several occasions tried to draw him to me sexually by telling him how I feel and also by trying to be alone with him. He is married but I […]


Dear McKoy: My Pastor’s Wife and I

My Pastor’s Wife and I   Dear Mckoy, “I am a young educated man who is an active member of the church community. I have been a member of my church for 5 years and I have been in a relationship with a sister for about 2 years. The problem is that she is a […]


Dear McKoy: My Daughter Took My Man

My Daughter Took My Man   Dear McKoy, “I have been having issues with my 17-year-old daughter and every time I try to talk to her my boyfriend tells me I am being too harsh, even though it is quite clear she lacks manners and discipline. Now every time my daughter and I have a […]


Dear McKoy: Being Sexually Harassed By Boss

  Being Sexually Harassed By Boss   Dear McKoy, I have been working at a company for over a year now and I have been having issues with my boss. She has been harassing me sexually, however, I am afraid to stand up for myself because I fear that I might lose my job. Do you think I […]

Dear Mckoy © – Where Readers Ask Mckoy Anything!

Dear Mckoy © – Where Readers Ask Mckoy Anything!

Dear Mckoy © is a Mckoy’s News segment where readers write Mckoy’s News Editor to ask questions about love, life, relationship and just about anything! Message From Mckoy Dear Readers, ask Dear Mckoy just about anything, any of life’s situation, anything that you need an opinion or suggestion on, drop Dear Mckoy a note and […]


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