Father and Step Mother taken into Custody for Death of Tianna Russell

The father and stepmother of  7-year-old Tianna Russell have been taken into custody,  following her bizarre death at their home in New Works community, St Catherine on Monday, June 28.

Reports are that on Monday, Tianna’s stepmother said she heard Tianna groaning. When she examined Tianna, she said that she wasn’t feeling well. Tianna was taken to Linstead Public hospital, where she was tragically declared dead.

Further reports are that, the police made “certain observations” during an investigation of the body, subsequently, the father and stepmother were taken into custody.

Other family members have spoken out regarding the matter. They said they have tried numerous times to get Tianna back with them in order to monitor her well-being. But, Ian Edwards Tianna’s uncle says that the father always made excuses for not letting that happen. The family claimed that they had tried to take custody of the child before but their attempts were futile.

Sherene Francis, Tianna’s aunt added that she heard that the child had been abused, but that they could not confirm this as they were unable to see her. Tianna Russell’s mom died 5 years ago, which led her to live with her father and stepmother.

Police are still awaiting results of the Post mortem in order to determine if the father or stepmother will be charged.

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