Fast and Furious Driving Kills Popular Ocho Rios Mechanic

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Ocho Rios, St. Ann (McKoy’s News) – Shock and grief permeates the aura of Jamaica’s resort town Ocho Rios, as family and friends of a popular Ocho Rios mechanic try to gather themselves after he dies in a violent motor vehicle crash.

The deceased driver known as “Kill Bill” and “Billy” loved cars, and loved the adrenaline rush of speed racing, which he is popularly known for. Ironically in a Facebook post he wrote, “if one day the speed (he bold the word) kills me, don’t cry because I was smiling (he bold the word), Love always.”

“Billy” may have said his goodbye with love earlier but that may not have emotionally prepared those who love him, for pain he left behind, from this tragedy.

Reports coming from the Ocho Rios police are that 27-year-old Andre Ducas, of Eltham, Ocho Rios in the parish of St. Ann was driving his Honda Civic along the Milford main road, St. Ann with a friend in the car, on Sunday April 16, when at about 9:35 am he lost control of the vehicle.

Police say the car hit an embankment before crashing into an Almond Tree on the roadside. The Ocho Rios Mechanic had to be cut from his vehicle by the police emergency, and taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Ocho Rios Mechanic

His passenger who was also taken to hospital was treated and released.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force state that there have been 100 road fatalities since the start of the year, and have preliminary found that speeding was the major contributor to the accidents and deaths so far.

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