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Fans Think Govana’s ‘Gyallis Classes’ Are A Real Thing

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Dancehall artiste Govana seems to have left quite an impression on his fans through his saga style singles for HAMANTS Convo parts 1 & 2. Since the release of the tracks the deejay has been somewhat promoting his ‘Gyallis Classes’ especially after his epic portrayal of being the ultimate ladies man in the music videos for songs released back in January and last week.

Govana has cleverly adapted the art of storytelling and conversation style deejaying. His music is usually a narrative of situations involving infidelity, sex and love triangles and just the audaciousness of these acts. The Champ deejay is often the unassuming gyallis that the girls summon when their guys are acting up or simply can’t meet their needs.

Inevitably, when secrets are unveiled he gets caught right in the middle and true to form, always has some words of wisdom for the ‘gyal clown’ boyfriends. The HAMANTS singles specifically, finds the professional player advertising registration for Govi Govi’s Gyallis Classes.

The very convincing lyrics and accompanying music videos along with Govona’s authentic role-playing has led fans to believe that what they have been seeing and hearing from the deejay are in fact real.

The GennaGenna deejay shared a voice note recently of a fan calling in to query his ‘Gyallis Classes’ via the booking number listed on his Instagram page. The caller said he heard about the lessons from Chris in the HAMANTS music video and needed Govi Govi to give his ‘dawg’ some sessions.

When the agent on the phone regrettably told the caller that the classes were fiction, he proceeded to ask for the deejay’s number so he could talk to him ‘differently’. Listen to the full voice note below –

All for the fun and games, Govana captioned the clip of the recording, “Bare ppl a call the bookings number a ask bout Gyallis Class …BTW..Its not gimmicks   …Gyallis Class registration soon .”

This modern day dancehall storyteller has been getting rave reviews from fans for his epic singles. When the first instalment of HAMANTS convo released in January of this year, it trended at #1 on the local YouTube charts for weeks.

Part 2 debuted on May 3rd and also snatched up the top spot, the single has been trending since then. Perhaps Govi should extend his gyalis expertise to the masses after all, his Gyallis Classes may just be a good idea.


Source: Dancehallmag

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