The entire community of Marl road in Bethel Town, Westmoreland were sent into shock on Wednesday night, October 24th, following the gruesome killing of a 29-year-old, female and her 40-year-old, common-law husband.

Both victims Kysonal McPherson otherwise called ” Speng ” his baby mother Nickesha Saunderson were shot and killed while walking from a bar which they both operates in the area.

Reports by the Bethel Town police are that about 8:30 pm, on Wednesday, McPherson and Saunderson were in the vicinity of a bar when they were ambushed by armed men.

The gunmen opened fire hitting both victims to their upper bodies, before escaping in the area on foot.

The police were summoned, and upon arrival, both victims were found suffering from gunshot wounds.

The scene was processed and Saunderson and McPherson were transported to a hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

Sharon Anderson, the mother of the slain woman, was on the brink of breaking down when our news team visited the community.

” Mi daughter no dead, mi daughter no dead ” was some of the words we could hear her repeating over and over.

Both victims were killed leaving their six years old, son Kyonal Junior, and he just sat on the verandah of the house staring at the wind.

An aunt of the victim cried out and gave her flashback of Nickesha, and what she heard transpired on Wednesday night

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