Family of Three Executed in Manchester

Jamaica Crime News, Manchester: The Manchester police say they are yet to get the identities of the three family members who were executed in Bellefield in  Manchester, on Monday night, April 22.

One police confirmed that the three victims, a common-law couple and their son, were killed in execution style by armed men.

Reports are that, shortly after 11:00 p.m. on Monday, armed men went to a house in Bellefield district, which was occupied by the three victims.

The gunmen kicked open the door of the house and held the occupants at gunpoint. It is further stated that they were then placed down on the floor and killed in execution style.

Residents in the area summoned the police, who rushed to the scene. Upon their arrival, the three common-law couple and their son were found suffering from gunshot wounds.

They were transported to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

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